Upcoming medical event ; Muktamar Ahli Bedah Indonesia (MABI) 2015 - Surabaya


Indonesian Surgeons Association (ICA) once again will held annual medical event, Muktamar Ahli Bedah Indonesia  (MABI) 2015. The 20th  annual Conference  will be held on 19-22 Augustus 2015, at the hotel Shangri-La, Surabaya-East Java. The schedule will include Business Session, Scientific Session (In English), Workshop (Best Paper Award) dan Exhibition Social Programme.

The theme of MABI 2015 is “ How to promote minimally invasive and robotic surgery in indonesia, between the hope and  government policy”. The 20th National Congress of Indonesian Surgeons Association, PT. Metiska Farma contribute to promoting and launching new product PURASTAT. Launced in July 2015, with the main indication is to stop oozing bleeding. Purastat is a syntetic haemostatic material in the form of a prefilled syringe, filled with a clear, 2,5 % aqueous peptide solution, sterilized by aseptic filtration.

Purastat is indicated to treat an exudative haemorrhage from blood vessels and parenchyma of solid organs, vascular anastomoses, small vessels and capillary vessels of the G.I tract. Upon contact with blood, the peptide solution instantaneously self-assembles a hydrogel barrier,. Purastat will act as a mechanical barrier on bleeding site. Available in either a 1ml, 3ml and 5ml syringe. Now, besides Indonesia, Purastat also been used in several countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, and the European countries.

Key Features of Purastat are 100% Chemically synthesized; no risk of contamination from a biological source; Fully bio-compatible; Re-applicable/removable; Ease of use; no clogging, clean & precise, controllable application; No mixing required; single, pre-filled syringe - instantly ready to use; Completely transparent; allows an excellent view of the bleeding site pre and post application.


Form of promotion that we would do open such as booth and standing banner purastat, as well as a video showing some of the types of bleeding. Please visit our booth at MABI XX, Surabaya on 20-22 Augustus 2015 to know more about Purastat.